•  Excellence and Service



  •  Our institution is committed to the mission of the parent body



                        "To lead from Darkness to Light"


         Our Shiv Parivar strives to realize the objectives of the institution through self accountability professional discipline and hard work with innovative and creative ideas.

In all our endeavours we emphasize -

  •  Attitude and skills as much as as knowledge.
  •  Indigegenous learner-centric pedagogy.
  •  Local best practice in the context of the globe.


Goals and Objectives

  •     To mould students to be morraly upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired.
  •     To enable students to realize their full potential in academic, cultural and sporting pursuits.
  •     To foster scientific temper and encourage students to adopt a rational approach to solve problems.
  •     To empower students to be good leaders who will spread the light of knowledge, harmony and equality in all spheres of life.
  •     To equip students with the required knowledge and skills to face the challenges of the real world.
  •     To work towards the integrity of creation through the programmes/movements that foster inter-connectedness, kinship and eco-justice.
  •     To synergize women & those prevented from exercising their right to be human; through enlightening those regarding their basic human rights and helping them to achieve the same.
  •     Development of inter-linkages across teaching, research and extension.
  •     To build dedicated team of professional & competent workers from the Institution to achieve excellence in all areas of our studies.
  •     To follow the highest standards of ethics in education and add national value for the countrymen.