About Our Logo



College logo and Song

            College logo is set up. It has octate shape with eight sides. It denotes “Ashtang marg” (Eight path) and it is also a replica of “Rajmudra” of Shri Shivaji, the great maratha worrier. At the centre of Shivaji’s monolith (photo) is placed. Our four important aims are shown like “Dnyan” (Knowledge), “Vidnyan”(Science & Technology) and “Sanskar” (Culture) and “Vichar” (Thought). The name of the college and year of establishment is also shown. At base our motto or slogan is place. “Dnyanam Param Dhyeyam” Acquiring knowledge is ultimate goal (Knowledge is a divine power and we have to urge it). It is placed at the entrance of the college building.


            The college song is created. It symbolises the history and aim of institution. It feels proudly to be “Shivajians”.