Best Practices


Guardian Teacher Scheme

On joining college each student in placed under personal supervision & guidance of a teacher acts as friend philosopher and guide & keep a student’s progress and the activities of his wards.

College Magazine

College magazine “Shivdarshan: Feel and Express” published every year by who have a flair for writing. This gives on opportunity of self expression to the students in English, Marathi & Hindi poems and articles.

Subjectwise Study Association

To provide care and buffered knowledge of subjects and also to create students interest and active participation in the subject wise study associations are  formed every year in every faculty. The associations are expected to organize different programmes and guest lectures  for the betterment of the students and in depth & co-curricular study of the subject.

Study Tour/Excursion/Industrial Visits

The college organizes faculty wise study tours /excursions every year I the month of November & January. The participation for all the students is mandatory as it is a part of the syllabus. The short & long tours are arranged. It is expected to pay visits to historical places, forest industries and other places of interest. Field visits for Environmental studies students are compulsory. The activity helps in better understanding of the subject and widens horizons of knowledge.

Extra Curricular Activities

College provides ample opportunities for talented students to participate in youth festival cultural activities intercollegiate competitions social gatherings to build their personality.

Remedial Coaching

Remedial coaching is provided to needy students. The objectives are... 

  •  To enhance the academic skills & linguistic proficiency to students in various subjects, 
  •  To raise the students level of comprehension of basic to provide a stronger foundation for further academic achievements.
  •  To strengthen the students knowledge, skills and attitude to enable them to pursue his / her higher students.

Feedback Mechanism

A regular feedback is invited from students, staff, parents, alumni and ex-faculty members. The data is analyzed and improvement are made accordingly.

Eco Programmes

Through the Nature Club / Science Club various environmentally cautious students for which focused programmes are arranged.

Student’s Insurance

An insurance scheme against accident is run by the SGB university, Amravati The insurance is for one year and is renewed every year. All students are compulsorily required to be registered under the scheme and to pay premium.

Personality Development Centre

Today for success in life either employer or employee, soft as technical skills are important to elevate the person to higher levels in the life. Leadership qualities, inherent strengths of on individual are to be identified and trained properly. The centre with necessary fund infrastructure and trained human resources are made available to run it successfully.

An Honesty Box

An honesty box is set up for holistic developments of the students and to learn moral, ethics and values of life.

Suggestion Box

Suggestions are invited from all the stakeholders for improvement and quality sustenance.

Alumni Association

We look back with a pride to our jewels through the Alumni Association It functions to maintain liaison with our students and to invite them to their alma matter every year. A separate cell is dedicated for this which enables the students to meet once a year to promote and mutually beneficial interaction between the alumni management and present students.  These jewels are our true which is shining in various sectors and fields.

Departmental Libraries

Each department is housing separate library for additional intensive care services.

Evaluation Process

It is backbone of any educational institution fair exam and evaluation process goes long way in the career of students we conduct.

  •  Yearly academic audit.
  •  Unit test throughout the session.
  •  Annual test and annual terminal exam.
  •  Surprise tests.
  •  Assignments and internal evaluation will be done as per SGB Amravati University norms.
  •  Slow Learners and advance learners identification on the basis of unit test.
  •  Results and personal interactions.
  •  Remedial Teaching and personal counseling will for slow learners.
  •  Motivation for participation in group discussion seminar, projects etc for advance learners.
  •  Student may penalized if found absent in evaluation process any reason thereon.