Instructions for Students

  • Identity Card

    After confirming admission every student should secure identity card from library up to 31st Augut.Every student must compulsorily bring his /her identity card in college. Students without identity will not be allowed to enter into college premises. For issuance of duplicate identity card students shall have to pay Rs.50/-extra.

  • College Uniform

    It will be compulsory for all student to attend the college in a prescribed uniform everyday. Except every Thursday. Junior and Senior college students have different uniforms.

  • Attendance of Student

            As per the University & Govt.rules and regulation it is compulsory for every student to have 80% attendance every year.Otherwise,the students will not be liable to get any benefits whatsoever will not be able to appear for the University/Board exams.

  • Instructions about Fees and Payment
  • Student shall have to pay the fees immediately, as mentioned in the table according to Govt.University & College rules & regulation
  • Refundable fees  & other fees not reimbursed by the Govt.will be paid by the students
  •  Students shall have to pay the full fees of the non-granted courses
  • Students who cancel their admission for any reason shall have to pay full fees and other fees for the whole session. The original documents submitted at the time to admission will not be returned back to students at the time of cancellation of admission.
  • If the students are getting advantage of ATKT,in such conditions Govt.Rule about fees (EBC)will be binding on students.
  • Student will have to pay all the fees and dues before examination.
  • After securing admission in one faculty, if student wants to change the faculty, in such condition he/she will have to pay admission fees & other fees again.
  • Instructions for Parents
  • The parents should read the rules about student’s attendance, fees, code of conduct & discipline carefully.
  • Parents should be well aware about their ward’s attendance and progress for which they are requested to meet the concerned teacher or principal for 2-3 times in a year.
  • Parents attendance is necessary whenever they will get invitation from the principal in “parents meet “or other programmers.