Code of Conduct & Discipline


        "Self discipline is a best form of discipline." observe it...!

  • Bills, advertisement or notice cannot be displayed in college premises without permission of the principal.
  • “Cleanliness is next to Godness” Cleanliness in the premises at all times must be compulsusorily observed. Spitting, litting, Chewing pan/gutka or other intoxicants and smoking is strictly prohibited in college premises. Any infringers will be dealt with severely in accordance with prevailing laws.
  • No meeting or programmers should be organized in the college campus without the prior permission of the principal.
  • UG students will have to go for medical checkup by the college appointed medical officer and will have to appear for physical efficiency test.
  • Notice will be pasted /pinned on the Notice Board and students themselves should take note of them. Notice will not be circulated in the class-rooms.
  • If the student needs information other than given in the prospectus, he should contact the concemed persons in the college office.
  • Students are expected not to walk about or make noise in veranda.carridors or lawns when classes are in progress.
  • The principal may impose the following punishments in the interest of the students and Institution Fines. Cancelling of attendance, withholding of certificates, suspension and expulsion or rustication.
  • Students are expected to have regard and consideration to each other and respectfully to the members to the staff.
  • The decisions of the college authoring extracurricular activities will be final and binding to each student.
  • The students should carefully handle the college books, laboratory equipment, lighths, fans etc. They should not, in any way cause damage to the college property, in such case he/she will be punished /penalized.
  • Without permission of the college authority students/staff member must not provide any information related to the college to the media or any other person/office etc.
  • Students are eligible to receive ST Bus/Train concessions have to furnish the correct information. Misuse of this concession is punishable offence.
  • Attendance at the Flag Hoisting ceremony on Independence Day (15th August) Republic Day (26 January And Maharashtra Day(1st May) is compulsory.
  • Laboratory Aprons shall worn by the students during practical classes.
  • Students should not organize their own picnics, excursion trips etc.without prior permission to the principal.
  • Political movement & violent demonstrations are strictly forbidden in college campus.