Academic Calendar


Calender of Events  2013-14

College Reopens/First Term begins Monday, June 10,2013

                Day                    Event                                                        Organizer

Working Days-18{3(Sunday)+0 (Public Holiday)=3(Total)}

June 2013

1oth                     Admission Process starts                                         Office

26th                     Anti Drug Day                                                           Chemistry Department

                           Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Jayati                                   Electronics Department

Working Days-27{4(Sunday)+0 (public Holiday)=4(Total)}

July 2013

Ist Week              Principals Address (Faculty Wise)                             Principals Office

                           Welcome Function,Introduction                                 Jr.College Faculty Wise

11th                     World population day                                               Economics Department

23th                     Lokmanaya Tilak Jayanti                                         Marathi Department

23th                     Forest Conservation Day                                          Botany Department

26th                     Kargil Victory Day                                                   NCC

Working Days-24{4(Sunday)+3 (Public Holidays)=7(Total)}

August 2013

1th                       Attendance Defaulter list                                        All HOD & Teaching Staff

                           World Breast Feeding Day                                      Home Eco.Department

                           Annabhau Sathe Jayanti                                         Marathi Department

                           Lokmanya Tilak Smruti Din

6th                      Hiroshima Day                                                       History Department

9th                      August Kranti Din                                                   NCC/NSS

                          Dr. S.R. Ranganathan Jayanti                                  Library

12th                    Dr.Vikram Sarabhai Jayanti                                     Physics Department

15th                    Independence Day                                                 NCC/Sports

29th                    National Sports Day                                               Physical Edu. Department

Working Days-23{5(Sunday)+2(Public Holidays)= 7 (Total)}

September 2013

1th                      Attendance Defaulter list                                        All HOD & Teaching Staff

1st to 7th              Nutrition Week                                                      Home Eco. Department

5th                      Teachers Day                                                        Jr. College (Supervisor)

8th                      International Literacy Day                                       NCC

16th                     Ozone Day                                                           Zoology Department

20th                    Dalitmitra Pandharinath Patil Jayanti                       Committee

22th                    Blood Donation Day                                               NSS/NCC

27th                    Dr. S. R. Ranaganathan Death Anniversary              Library

                          World Tourism Day                                                History Department

Working Days-20 {4 (Sunday)+2 (Public Holidays)+ 5 (Vacation)=11(Total)}

October 2013

1st                     Attendance Defaulter list                                         All HOD & Teaching Staff

1st to 7th            Wildlife Conservation Week                                    Zoology Department

2nd                    Mahatma Gandhi & Lalbahadur Shashtri Jayanti       Cultural Committee

                         Dalitmitra Pandharinath Patil Punyatithi

16th                   World Food Day                                                    Economics Department

20th                   National Integration Day                                         Physical Edu. Department

21th                   Alfred Nobel Birth Anniversary                                 Chemistry Department

25th-30               Youth Festival                                                        Cultural  Committee

26th Oct.-1th     Term Ends –College Reopens on Monday Nov.24,2013 winter Vacation

-Sunday,October 27,2013 To Sunday,November 23,2013

November 2013

2nd                    Attendance Defauter list                                          All HOD& Teaching Staffa

7th                     Anti Poverty Day                                                     Economics Department

11th                   National Education Day                                            Zoology Department

14th                   Pandit Jawaharal Nehru Jayanti                                 English Department

21th -28th          N.S.S. Camp                                                            N.S.S.

College Reopens/Second Term begins Monday, November24,2013

26th                  Constitution Day                                                      Political Science

28th                  Mahatma Fule Death Anniversary                              History Department

30th                  Dr.J.C.Bose Jayanti                                                  Botany Department

Working Days-24{5(Sunday)+1(Public Holidays=6(Total)

December 2013

1st                    Attendance Defaulter list                                         All HOD& Teching Staff

                        World AlDs Day                                                     NSS/NCC

6th                   Dr. Ambedkar Mahaparinirvan Day                            Cultural Committee

10th                 Human Rights Day                                                  Pol.Science Department

15th-21st           Eduction/Excursion Tours/fIeld                                 Respective Departments

                       Studies/lndustrial Visit

20th                 Sant Gadge Baba Smruti Din                                    N S S

22th                 Shrinivas Ramanujan Jayanti                                     Mathematics Department

24th                 Indian Consumer Day                                                Commerce Department

25th -27th         Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh Jayanti                                 Cultural Committee

                       Utsav & Socio- Cultural Gathering

25th                 Alumni Day                                                              Alumni Association

Working Days- 26 {4 (Sunday)+ (public Holidays)=5 (Total)}

January 2014                                                                                                                                                     

1st                  Attendance Defaulter list                                             All HOD & Teaching Staf

3rd                  Savitribai Fule Jayanti &                                              Music/Marathi Department

                      Mahila Mukti Din

12th                Youth Day                                                                   NSS/NCC

25th-30th         Education/Excursion Tours/                                          Respective  Departments

                      Respective Field Studies/ Industrial Visit

25th                National Voting Day                                                     Political Science Deptt.

26th                Republic Day                                                              NSS/NCC/Phy.Edu.Deptt.

                      Annual Prize Distribution                                             Prize Distribution committee

30th                Hutatma Day                                                              N S S

                      Anti Leprosy Day                                                        Microbiology Department

Working Days-22{4 (Sunday)+2 (Public Holidays)=6 (Total)}

February 2014

1st                 Attendance Defaulter list                                              All HOD & Teaching Staff

3rd Week       Farewell Function                                                        Jr./Sr. College Faculty Wise

19th               Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti                               History Department

20th-29th        Common Test Examination                                          All department

28th               National Science Day                                                  Comp. science deptt.

Working Days-25 {5 (Sunday)+1 (Public Holidays )=6 (Total)}

March 2014

1st                 Attendance Defaulter list                                             All HOD & Teaching Staff

8th                 Womans Day                                                             Home Eco./ Music Deptt.

15th               World Consumer Day                                                  Commerce Department

22th               World day Of Water                                                    Chemistry Department

24th               T.B.Day                                                                      Microbiology Department

Working Days – 22{4 (Sunday)+4 (Public Holidays)=8(Total)}

April 2014

1st                 Attendance Defaulter list                                                 All HOD & Teaching Staff

7th                World Health Day                                                           Physical Edu. Department

10th              Dr.Panjabrao Deshmukh punyatithi                                   Cultural Committee

14th              Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti                                     Cultural Committee

22th             Earth Day                                                                       Zoology/Botany Deptt.

23rd             World Book Day                                                              Library

Working Days-2 {1 (Public Holidays)= 1(total)}

May 2014

1st               Maharashtra Day & Labour Day                                         Office

Summer Vacation- Sunday- May 4,2014 To Sunday, June 8, 2014

8th               World Red Cross Day                                                      Office